Terms and сonditions of JustProxy.Biz Service

General terms and сonditions:

  • The given Agreement is concluded between the Administration of the JustProxy.biz Service and the User.
  • By clicking the “Registration” button or “Purchase” button in the Service and/or beginning to use the Service, the Users automatically confirm that they have read the text of the presented Agreement. If the Users don’t agree with the terms of the Agreement, they must immediately stop using the Service.

Terms of use of the service:

  • The User is obliged to use the JustProxy.biz Service only for lawful purposes.
  • The user is informed that part of the resources may be blocked by the Administration of the Service . Before purchasing the Service package, the User has the right to request a free 3-hour testing in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  • The User agrees not to use the Service for DDoS attacks, carding, distributing political propaganda, for hacking websites, as well as for other illegal activities.

Responsibilities of the Administration:

  • Maintain the functioning of the Service in 24/7 mode (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • The Administration is obliged to compensate the user for all forced downtime in the operation of the Service that occurs due to the fault of the Administration

Right of the Administration:

The administration has the right to:

  • Without explaining the reasons, terminate the provision of Services to the User with the compensation for the remaining time.
  • Block the Users if they violate the Rules of this Agreement without any refund (for example, in case of unauthorized use of the Service).
  • The Administration can amend and supplement this Agreement unilaterally.

Responsibilities of the User:

  • The User is obliged to comply with the Rules of the Service.

Rights of the User:

  • The User has the right to demand compensation in the form of additional time due to forced downtime that occurs due to the fault of the Service.
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