Answers to frequently asked questions
What kind of services do you provide?
– We provide residential rotating backconnect proxies
How much do your Services cost?
– You can find the prices on our website. And if you are interested in exclusive tariffs, then please contact our support service.
What are the periods for using proxies?
– You can purchase packages for 1, 5, 15 days, as well as for 1, 2 or 3 months
Do you have discounts?
– Yes, there are discounts for monthly tariffs. We also have various promotions from time to time. Follow the news.
Is it possible to test proxies?
– Yes, of course. We provide a 3-hour free trial.
How can I test proxies?
– For testing, you need to sign-up on our website and contact (send a corresponding request) the support service.
What payment methods do you accept?
– We accept BTC and USDTTRC20.
Is there a return of funds?
– Yes, a refund is possible within 24 hours after the purchase, if you acquire a monthly package. In other cases, the refund is also possible, but at the discretion of our support service.
Is it possible to add more streams or IP-addresses to the package?
– Yes. You can do this on the order page when purchasing the package.
Is there a traffic limit?
– There are no traffic limits.
Do your proxies have rotation?
– Yes, there is a constant rotation for each pool.
Can I extend the use of my proxy?
– Yes, the extension is possible for another DAY after the period oа the purchased package ends.
Do you have port 25 open?
– Yes, it’s open, for about 60% of proxies on shared pools.
What protocols do your proxies support?
Does your service keep logs?
– No
In what format do you issue proxies?
– IP: port
What kinds of activities are prohibited on your proxies?
– Carding, DDoS and any other illegal activities are prohibited.
Are there any blocked resources on your proxies?
– We have a number of blocked websites: financial institutions, PayPal, Google resources. For detailed information, please contact our support service.
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